Charting / Rankings

Each participant will be professionally charted during the Competition by a C.O.K.A. staff member. Being charted will allow each camper a chance to kick under pressure and compete in a competitive environment. Participants will be charted on field goals(accuracy / 2 minute drill / side angle / long distance), kick-offs(distance / hangtime), punting (distance / hangtime), & snapping(accuracy / time). Each participant’s stats will be placed into C.O.K.A.’s ranking system based strictly on their individual performance (statistical numbers). The rankings are listed by grade level (6th – 12th) as well as a comprehensive ranking including all grade levels.


You are eligible to attend the Southeast Kicking, Punting, & Snapping Competition if you are currently a Middle School student or High School student. The Competition conforms to all pre-high school, High School National Federation and NCAA rules. We suggest that you check with your coach or Athletic Director if there are any questions about eligibility.

Facilities & Supervision

The location has been carefully selected to provide easy access and the finest in athletic facilities. Athletes will be constantly supervised by Academy staff while the competition is in session.


Date: Sunday 12/4/2016

Time: 9:00AM to 4:30PM EST

Henry W. Grady High School
929 Charles Allen Drive Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309
Price: $235

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