Group Training

Sunday(s), July 12th & 18th, 2020

Location: TBD

$100 for Both Sessions
$60 for Individual Session

Social Distancing

We will also be practicing Social Distancing so please bring a mask that may be worn at various times during training. Participants should do their best to remain 6 feet apart at all times. Participants should use disinfectant spray to clean all their equipment before and after the training session. If the individual is sick or have been exposed to someone that is sick please stay home away from others.

Packing Checklist

Athletes should bring the following items to training:
Please bring your own water bottle and your individual football, football holder, and tees.

Session # 1 | Sunday, July 12th
Location: TBD

Only 10 Spots Available!
5:00pm                                   Warm-Up/Stretch
5:15pm                                   Punting
6:00pm                                   Kick-Offs
6:15pm                                   Field Goals
7:00pm                                   Leg Explosion Exercises/Stretch
7:15pm                                   Dismiss

Session # 2 | Saturday, July 18th
Location: TBD

Only 10 Spots Available!
10:00am                                   Warm-Up/Stretch
10:15am                                   Punting
11:00am                                   Kick-Offs
11:15pm                                   Field Goals
12:00pm                                   Leg Explosion Exercises/Stretch
12:15pm                                   Dismiss
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